Streaming services have come to stay in Nigeria ― Crystabel Goddy

Fast-rising actress, Crystabel Goddy, has lauded the emergence of streaming services in the Nigerian film industry. The actress, who has featured in four movies on Netflix, said that streaming services have come to stay in Nigeria. She said, “Streaming means TV on the go and more work for the actors. Also, anyone can see us even globally. It gives creative freedom but they are here to stay. Producers are not forced to use actors who are chosen by some marketers as the ‘face’. If you do not allow an actor to harness his skills, how do they become the ‘faces’?

“This emergence also helps combat piracy, which had harmed Nollywood. For the producers, I hear some of the marketers were quite frustrating in demands. So, filmmakers are happy with the streaming services.” However, she admitted that it also has its downsides, “We know how much data costs in Nigeria too,” the screen diva added. Taking a walk down memory lane, she noted some of the challenges women in the movie industry face before they become a household name. “Some of the challenges faced, those challenges still pop up now and then. Being a woman in Nigeria is different from being a woman in the US. In Nigeria, the industry is fast becoming a big boob and ass industry, including skin colour and other details I don’t want to get into. So, it’s not always as easy as people presume. “Sometimes, you ask yourself, does talent not count anymore? Before some give you a job, they ask for your Instagram account just to know the number of your followers. Does that count for talent or the professionalism of an actor? How about people worry about getting a solid story and good actors to deliver and make everyone who worked hard worth the audience time and organically gain followers and fame? So the challenges are much but challenges separate the determined people from the mediocre ones,” the actress said.

Recounting why she ventured into acting, the model turned actress said that she had always wanted a career that doubles as fun. “Acting can be fun. It is important to be passionate, enthusiastic and be happy with your job. It keeps you alive longer. I wake up in the morning, all I think about is acting and on the international platforms. I watch movies and I imagine myself in specific roles. “Acting is an important medium to reach the society and I feel I could be a messenger. Acting also keeps me learning about who I am on a deeper level. Plus all this gorgeousness shouldn’t be for my sight alone.” Goddy said. Speaking of years ahead, the delectable thespian noted that the only legacy she wants to leave behind after fulfilling her ambition as an actress is to be remembered as an ‘original’. The screen diva said, “What legacy would I like to be known for? In a world where everyone is trying to be the best, I want to be an original. There’s always going to be someone better than the best but an original stands through time and makes you legendary.” She added “I’m my own woman and like to describe myself as ‘the more you look, the more you see’ type of woman. So, you have to pay attention. I’m not for those in a hurry, hurry to judge and close the book by the cover and not content.” She noted that with her fame, she wants to teach women how to succeed. “I want to make great art and teach women like me who are different or feel like they are, a little something to hold on to; a passion and the drive to succeed.”

Source: Vanguard


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