I’ve great body, I like flaunting it – Crystabel Goddy


I am the first child and I am from Port Harcourt, Rivers State. I also grew up there.


I attended the University of Port Harcourt, where I studied Geophysics.


I have always wanted to become an actress. I used to work in an oil and gas firm before resigning to pursue acting. I came to Lagos for an audition and fortunately, I was picked to feature in a movie titled, Aba Makama. The movie did so well and is still doing so well. The movie really paved the way for me. Then, I acted in Green White Green which is currently on Netflix. Imagine coming to Lagos and getting a prominent role at my first audition.

So far, I have featured in about 14 movies. They include Idemuza, Daddy’s Girl, The Nigerian Prince, Behind the Smile, 24/7, among others.

Family support

It was a process. Before I resigned from my oil and gas job, they had started adjusting to the fact that I had interest in entertainment. It wasn’t just acting; I was also modelling as well. At a point, I told them that acting was demanding and that I had to focus on it because I wanted to do something I enjoyed doing.


I have done a couple of fashion and runway shows. I have also done advertising jobs for companies such as Airtel, 9Mobile and Chivita.


After my second movie, I think at about my fourth year in the movie industry, something really bad happened to me. A lady claimed that I bit her. I was new in the industry. I had no idea about the manipulative attitude of people in the industry; so, I fell into the trap. But I learnt my lesson.


The Actors Guild of Nigeria placed a ban on me but that didn’t change anything because I am not a member of the AGN. So, I don’t understand how it is possible to be suspended or banned from a body that I don’t belong to. Even if I were a member, a president cannot just wake up one morning and ban a member without inviting her or hearing her own side of the story. Though I was advised not to go to Ibinabo Fiberesima, who was the president of AGN at that time, I just felt I needed to explain to her. On getting to her office, the people there affirmed that the lady in question was a problematic person. Ibinabo even confirmed that it was the norm in the industry for some actors and actresses to run others down. Ibinabo had no moral justification to ban anyone because as of that time, she had a case in court concerning murder. How can that person have the moral justification to judge another for fighting?

Grace Ama

I dragged actress, Grace Ama, into the matter because she was one of the actresses I liked. After I read her lowly comment on the issue, I lost the admiration I had for her. I felt her comment was biased and patronising. She and Ibinabo messed up.


It is so hilarious when you see things about yourself that you would have never imagined. I don’t know what I will do to the girl who would dare kiss me if it is not for a movie. I don’t sleep with women but I also don’t have anything against people who do because it is their choice.


There are always lessons to be learnt, whether good or bad. I believe in taking the lessons and moving on. Though it is not everyone who has the strength to learn, as some people give up when bad things happen to them. I am not that kind of person; so, I don’t give up. I have been told ‘no’ before but I didn’t feel bad about it because you cannot get every role. So, I continue working on myself and wish for the best.


I think I am a nudist. I have a great body; so, I like to flaunt it. I am hoping to be this hot for a long time so that I can go on wearing bum shorts and crop tops. As a professional actor, I am open to acting nude only if the nudity contributes something tangible to the story. If it is just to show off, then I won’t. I also don’t think the Nigerian market is ready for that right now.


I am a goal getter. I wake up every day with the mindset of taking the opportunities that are there for me. I am very strong-willed, focused and adventurous. I am also more serious than fun.

Role models

I don’t have role models but I have people who have been good to me.


I don’t dwell on the physical because that might be regular. There are so many fine boys who are not intelligent.  I am a very intelligent person; so, I need a man who is on that level or even higher.


I have my own style. I believe fashion is a way of life. I usually don’t go with the flow or trend. If I walk into a crowd, I will never get lost.

Source: Punch Newspapers

Why I insured my legs – Crystabel Goddy

Nollywood actress, Crystabel Goddy, talks about her style with Ademola Olonilua

Why do you have flair for fashion?

Even God is a fashionista! If you doubt that, take a look at the beauty of the world; its creation and beautification. Fashion simply put is creating and giving life. I give life to what I do from the clothes I wear, to the personality I carry.   I love to create and recreate myself every time. It is fun when you explore yourself and step out of the box. It keeps you unpredictable.

Is there a difference between style and fashion?

Yes there is but both work together. Fashion is the act or process of creating while style is a distinctive and peculiar mode of doing certain things. I’d go back to the creation for instance, what Eve did was to style herself and Adam with the fig leaves based on what suited them individually.

What influences your style?

Well, I am mostly a natural person even though I can be daring. I love to be different and outstanding. I just understand the occasion and work towards standing out. I am also in love with vintage items especially when it comes to fashion. I’m always intrigued by the photographs from my mum’s gallery back in her youth. I haven’t exactly had time to explore that but I get some inspiration from them when it comes to my style. I think being a beauty queen helped in moulding me more too.

Is it your love for vintage looks that makes you wear your natural hair?

Perhaps; I love being natural because I’m comfortable in my skin. My hair is beautiful, so why should I hide it? I don’t mean to insult people that do not carry their natural hair but trust me, each time I walk down the streets, into a salon or attend a function, everyone always wants to feel my gorgeous hair. I’m talking about ladies with the expensive weaves and wigs! It’s part of the reasons I love my natural hair the more. Besides, it is healthy. I also wear my nails naturally too because I have stopped fixing artificial nails. And they’re healthier than ever. So my love for vintage comes to play in my styling.

Why do you like wearing short dresses?

Why not, after all, it is said that if you have it, you flaunt it. I have lovely and beautiful legs, so I flaunt them. I wear short dresses to show off my gorgeous insured legs and it is worth it. Besides, everyone has something peculiar to them. Short dresses complement my full and long curly black hair. Besides, our country, Nigeria, is hot, so why bother with too many clothes?

There’s a place and time fit for how I appear. I don’t like to be defined by what I wear.

Are your legs really insured?

Do you really want to know?


Actually, it was a thoughtful acquaintance of mine who thought they were too gorgeous not to be insured, so I went ahead to do so.

Were you ever teased by peers because of your slim stature while growing up?

No, I was never teased by other kids. I was not raised in that kind of environment. In fact, I recall being admired and called ‘Agbani’. Nowadays, some people ask in bewilderment how I manage to maintain my body structure.

If you had an opportunity for surgical enhancement, wouldn’t you want to increase your boobs, hips or butt?

No, I am too comfortable in my skin and I am not apologetic about that. Why would I want to put air in my boobs and butt, then feel like a balloon? There’s beauty in every size and there is always someone that finds you fascinating and attractive the way you are. So I don’t want surgical enhancement now or ever. I am proudly size 2; I have never been a size 6/8 my whole life. Trim and curvy is the new sexy look.

Why do you have extra piercings but no tattoo?

We all have our preference. I love jewellery because while growing up, I was a very fashionable child. I always had accessories with my outfit. I have my photos as a kid dressed up and with bangles and rings. I must have been three years old then. I remember that by the time I was six years old, I had an actual wristwatch and I could tell the time correctly.

Do you still love accessories till date?


What fashion item can’t you leave home without?

They are things you can see. I cannot leave home without my rings. Sadly, I lost my bracelet recently and I have been heartbroken ever since because it never left my wrist unless I wanted to clean it, that’s when I remove it. All my accessories are special.

What is your fashion weakness?

I love all my fashion items. They come in handy for different occasions. I love boots and shoes with high heels as well.

What would you never be caught wearing?

I haven’t exactly figured that out yet but I know I don’t fancy wrappers much.

But you seem to love the native attire. Is there a particular reason for that?

I enjoy exploring the native attire in an unconventional way. I am not one that abides by the norms or rules of how a fabric should be worn. I love my freedom to express my style. So I choose to wear a print with a touch of my personality.

Have you ever gone wrong while experimenting with fashion?

I can’t recall. I’ve always got compliments. One day at a reading, the moment I stepped in, I’d barely settled when a group of friends said I looked like I just came out of a magazine. The most important thing about style is to make sure people feel you in that outfit.

I create who I want to be each time and I walk with that grace. So if I’m not feeling the outfit, I change. Once I feel good, that is like the prerequisite for me.

So you would rather create trends than follow then?

We all have one or two musings but I’m a creator. Some days back, I attended the 6th Lights and Camera Film Festival and I had a pair of couture shorts, blazers and shoes with high heels and people could not stop complimenting me. Why get lost in the crowd because of acceptance when you can stand out and make them pay attention?

Can you marry a man who isn’t fashionable?

Aside having the ability to look appealing, to me, fashion is deeper. It is knowing what to say, how to say it; when and where to say certain things. I can’t marry a man who doesn’t challenge me to be better. A fashionable man is ‘the essence’. He is a package that has content. He’s resourceful.

How do you stay fit and maintain your physique?

I am able to maintain my physique by keeping healthy practices. I grew up as a vegetarian, so eating healthy is a custom. I do some exercise routines in my house whenever I have a free time.

You grew up as a vegetarian?

Yes. Some people see it as being weird but guess what, weird is awesome literally. There’s always something weird and fascinating about me.

Was it your parents that introduced you to that lifestyle?

Yes, they did.

So you never ate meat as a child?

No, I did not.

When was the first time you ate meat?

I’m not very sure about the precise date but it must have been some years back while I was in the university. I still can’t go to the market to buy red meat.

But didn’t you feel deprived?

Feel deprived for not eating meat? No.

What made your parents adopt that lifestyle?

I guess their desire to be in good health. Remember, you are what you eat.

Has that upbringing helped you in life?

It has definitely made me a healthier person.

How often do you visit the spa?

I do so as often as possible. Whenever I have the time, I go there.

You don’t seem to be a fan of corporate wears…

You need to see me when I’m off to church. I have my own style whenever I am wearing a corporate outfit. Like I said, I believe in looking appropriate for the occasion, so of course, I won’t do corporate on a casual sunny day especially as I’m not in a very corporate business.

How did you find yourself in the world of beauty pageantry?

I think it is because of the peculiar way I walk.  Back in college, whenever I walked passed, I had this teacher who would call his colleagues to watch my walking step. He called me ‘Miss California’. He was probably the one that sowed the seed in me. As I became more confident and aware, I knew I had to contest in a beauty pageant and win to officially become a queen. And as I went into it, I understood better and realised that there was more to being a representative.

Has your stint with the fashion world affected your style?

In simple terms, it helped me to love myself. I have a better understand of who I am.

What pageant did you win?

I’m the maiden Queen of Beauty of Africa. They’re about to have the 10th edition, so I’m visiting the contestants to encourage them as the Queen Mother. Also, I was the Miss Amnesty International at a point in my life.

Source: Punch Newspaper